As an import/export trader, we operate as an outsourced foreign trade department for companies, handling both the commercial and operational aspects.

We act as go-betweens for domestic producers and foreign importers and for international producers and importers in Brazil, since the export/import business depends on specific knowhow, such as:

International business procedures, markets and their characteristics, commercial and tax risks, procedures for hiring transport and insurance, payment terms and available financing, without mentioning language and cultural differences.

Another important service we provide is PROCUREMENT. We can find the specific product supplier you need, or a buyer for the specific product you wish to sell.

Through our representatives abroad, not only do we find the suppliers you are looking for, we classify them according to specific criteria as well, for guaranteed quality and on-time delivery.

When searching for buyers, we do an extensive research on the international market to determine the regions where the demand for specific products is growing and then identify the buyers that best fit the profile of the products to be marketed.

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