Fairs and Events

With more than 15 years experience in the trade fair and international events segments, we guarantee the highest-quality services in this area.

We coordinate shipments from origin to final destination, acting as the consignee and providing efficient multimodal transport logistics solutions: air (including couriers), ocean, and ground.

Whatever your need is, we have it covered:

• Temporary or permanent Import / export procedures
• A network of expert event agents on every continent
• DOOR TO DOOR shipping alternative - delivery from origin to final destination
• Customs clearance in all major ports, airports, dry ports (EADI) and borders of Brazil
• Implementation and monitoring of all procedures required by Brazilian customs, including obtaining import licenses from the consenting agencies - MAP, ANVISA, ANCINE, INMETRO
• Storage before and after the event, including for empty packages
• Planning, leasing special equipment and hiring specialized personnel for cargo handling at the venue
• Support for preparing and organizing tours in Brazil and South America
• Contracting air, ocean and ground transport at cheaper rates
• Supervision at venue
• Temporary import procedures

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