Customs Consulting:

Customs clearance at the main ports and airports, as well as bonded warehouses, including support for defining the best place for cargo clearance

On site customs clearance monitoring

Customs clearance for special processes: temporary imports/exports, re-imports and re-exports, luggage release, bonded warehouse customs clearance, etc.

Providing and monitoring the presence of an engineer when so requested by the customs officer Drawing up and monitoring Customs Transit Declarations (DTA)

Operational Consulting:

Validation of Tariff Classification (HS codes)
Real Cost Reports for issuing import invoices
Issuing invoices
Monitoring in-transit cargoes
Document control
On line information control
Verification and control of cargo loading and unloading
Import license applications and government agency approval monitoring
Controlling the use and expiration date of import licenses issued
Coordinating ground transportation from origin to delivery at final destination

Logistics Consulting:

Assistance in choosing the most suitable transport modality
Coordinating the entire supply chain from cargo collection at the origin to its delivery at the final destination. DOOR TO DOOR!
International and domestic multimodal transport
Control of in-transit shipments and cargo, docking and removal to bonded warehouses

Administrative Assistance:

Checking documents (warehousing costs, transportation costs, etc.) to be forwarded to the financial department for payment. Calculation in advance of customs and foreign exchange expenses.
Payment of expenses related to the import and export processes whose amounts will be informed through cash requests


We are fully qualified to outsource your company’s foreign trade department.

Import/export activities require a specialized and and thorough knowledge of Brazilian legislation, speaking and writing in other languages, as well as knowing the habits and laws of other countries to ensure all operations are legal and ethical.

Moreover, it is essential to develop an efficient supply chain, focusing on the optimization of resources and minimization of operating costs to guarantee a good competitive edge.

Another benefit of outsourcing is that the company’s efforts and resources can be redirected to its core business. In need of several consulting services? Contact us and we will be happy to evaluate your situation. .

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