Peace of mind

Choosing BRKAIRÓS, you will never worry about deadlines, delivery or any other details again. Once your cargo is in our hands, it will arrive at the right destination at the right date and at the right time.

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BRKAIRÓS offers quality services at competitive prices with our staff of highly-qualified, experienced professional.

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Consulting Services

Let us help you build your success. If you are in need of customs consulting, international and domestic logistics guidance, or/and administrative outsourcing, BRKAIRÓS is your best one-stop option.a

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International Logistics

Complete services, beginning with pick up at origin, choosing the most appropriate transportation mode, and ending with delivery at final destination. Coupled with the monitoring of each step of the process, this ensures total quality services.

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Domestic Logistics

We have partners, carriers and cargo agents throughout the country, which allows moving cargoes to any point in the Brazilian territory by AIR, OCEAN and GROUND.

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Rua Vinte e Três de Maio, 181 - Sala 5 - Bairro Vianelo
CEP 13207-070 - Jundiaí /SP - Brasil
TELEFONES: (11) 4805-4286 ou (11) 94736-9828